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About Happy Vegan Bakers

In 2014 us two Miami girls  started our great adventure, inspired by hunger & the desire to eat delicious goodies, in a compassionate way.  


Making cakes, cupcakes, brownies & other sweets that we first sold to friends & family


We missed eating the foods we grew up with, and  believed other vegans felt the same way.We got into the kitchen and reinvented the vegan versions of all our favorite comfort foods including Pastelitos & empanadas!!! 


With the help of El Tejadito’s staff, & our Fans; We started to grow, & fast 


People started reaching out from all over; excited as us to see the foods they too, missed so much. 


In this last year the demand of people trying to get their hands on our products, led us to look for other options to reach more vegans                      


We started distributing our Pastelitos to other vegan/vegan friendly locations around south Florida. 


With the growth of  our following,Happy vegan bakers had officially outgrown  separate space in El Tejadito’s kitchen.

More than ever we were pressed with time to find our own vegan spot. 


After years of hard work & searching, we finally found the perfect place, made the leap of faith, & we bought it !!!


To our followers,

 THANK YOU for supporting & believing in the dream over these years ! We couldn’t be here without you !!! 

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